SXM Festival-Cubid 19 by Black heArt Harpoon Services – St. Martin

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Occasionally I get to indulge fantasy and a dream becomes reality in a most spectacular way. This was one of those instances. Years ago I found giant mirrors in an abandoned building and this year I wanted to make a giant cube on the beach from them. Not an easy undertaking, and not on anyone’s build schedule or time frame!

Pat was the best artner-in-crime who drank the rose Kool-Aid, politely took over and made a slim possibility an absolute certainty. A million thanks to him and all those on various SXM festival teams who got the mirrors, helped place, and generally supported the impossible becoming Cubid 19. Lovingly and sarcastically brought to you by the #blackheartharpoonservices. I look forward to many more subversive endeavors.

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