Jen’s design philosophy is something you may hear in the board room,  but it can be applied wonderfully, practically and uniquely to any space: “The answer is in the room.”  Guided by intuition and backed by education, Jen can find the beauty and best use of any space.  She was born into a creative and entrepreneurial family and throughout her life Jen has gravitated toward creative endeavors – both her own and those closest to her. In 2008 she elected to add to her many years of hands-on experience working with interiors by going back to school to formalize and solidify her broad knowledge base. Completing the Residential Planning requirements in one year from the Art Institute, she immediately started putting that education to practical use. While the recession has hit many people hard, Jen used the opportunity to help those downsizing by re-designing their new and existing interiors in creative, unique ways.   She also helps those taking advantage of reduced rent on commercial properties, by redesigning spaces to look like ‘a million bucks’- all on a shoestring budget. No job is too large or too small to apply her breadth of knowledge and special design skills to improve a project aesthetically.  

Jen lives in Las Vegas with two crazy cats and a wonderful garden. When not working, she enjoys wine tasting, art, travel and meeting new people.


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